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Welcome to Skywatchers, the research community for Aliens and ufo phenomena, on this site you will find official government documents into aliens and ufos including subjects such as Roswell & Area 51, Hanger 18 and countless eyewitness reports from around the world. During my down time I am a paranormal investigator hunting for the spirit world but ufology is another hobby of mine and its time to join the fight into uncovering the Ufo phenomena. I will also cover crop circles, alien abductions and government cover up's

 Our Mission: To gather as much Intel into the UFO / Alien phenomena through anonymous sources helping us to uncover the truth of this phenomena...we want to bring a better understanding of this to the world and help people who have had true experiences with  UFO's and Alien encounters.

So please help us gather as much iformation as possible so we can shed more light on this subject...thank you

                                    Sincerley, founder of Greene County Paranormal - Jesse Alexander


        Check out a sample of my first E-book its a PDF format / E book is still in the works

        Finished book will be posted when complete!


Come Fly Away.pdf


The Arrival book 2.pdf

The Reptillians (Recovered).pdf


    Also check out the cover to my upcoming E-books in the Grey Cronichles

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